Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love rooftops, especially of white buildings. I realized this the other day when I took yet another photo of a rooftop with the idea that it would make a great painting. I think it would. I do. Even though I totally flubbed it up when I tried to do it...

I mean, WHAT is THIS? Where did that perspective come from? Or, more accurately, WHAT perspective??? Sheesh. And the colors -- totally off. The more I tried to correct them, the worse they got. And while I'm loving this Aquaboard -- you CANNOT get an even wash on it. At least I can't, and if any of you figure out how to, please, please, PLEASE let me know!

The nice thing about making such a major mess up? I get to test the "scrub off factor" of the board. And I filmed it. Just for you.
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Untitled from Linda M on Vimeo.


steviewren said...

Wow, that stuff is completely reusable. Fantastic! I know you'll have better luck next time.

mARTa said...

hum....unpainting...I think I like this new movement in art. doing that assignment for painting class has taught me a lot... I actually picked up on where you were off. I think you should challenge yourself with this one. The photo is great and I think you can have a succesful apinting here.

Linda said...

Stevie -- I hope you're right!
Marta -- there were so many places where I was off, it's hard to count them all. But I agree -- the photo caught the essence of what I saw in real life, amazingly, but not quite, and I just know it would make a great painting. Just not in watercolor. Mayby oil or encaustic ... something to get that GLOW. :-)

Teri C said...

Holy smokes! unpainting is right! I'm glad you filmed it or I would not have believed it.

I am learning more from you with your experiences than anything I could read. Thanks.

Toni said...

Awesome waste not!

soulbrush said...

a very interesting

annie said...

Two things:

Why didn't you talk so we could hear your voice, to see if you had a "TN twang"??

And, does it have to Dasani water for that to work?? LOL

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Wow - that's really something! I'm now going to ned to go and find your post where you introduce this board.