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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Proudly Presenting

a...p...p...P...P...Pineapple. Sigh. An unPlanned PineaPPle aPPeared uPon my counter.
I ask you. What was I suPPosed to do?

I wanna go to Hawaii. Or someplace in the P-P-P-Pacific. Or just near the Equator. B-B-B-Barbados would do just fine.

Diahn and I were talking today about The Darkness* and something occurred to me that I'd never thought about before. We all know that the days get shorter and the nights get longer in the Northern hemisphere as winter comes on, and the closer one gets to the North P-P-P-Pole, the longer the night is, until finally you reach The Land of The Real Darkness. BUT, I'd never thought about the flip side -- does the day to night even out the closer one gets to the equator? And Diahn, smart girl that she is, knew the answer right away. Yes. At the equator the days and nights are 12 hours each. Evenly. Always.

Wow. How would you know it was summer?

(*The Darkness - what Diahn has named this time of year, when the time changes and you realize that it is dark after breakfast and again before dinner. I will probably think that phrase ... "The Darkness" ... from now on when winter comes.)

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