Monday, October 20, 2008


A quick re-painting of the panel that was scrubbed in the other post. When the panel dried, the surface was not entirely white -- it was slightly discolored and there were tiny flecks of something dark. I may have scrubbed a bit too vigorously, too (I used a nail brush), and the surface texture felt smoother than the original. The pigment went on differently -- I won't say better or worse, just differently -- than before scrubbing, and it took a little getting used to. I like that the panel wasn't a total waste, but won't plan on saving any "unpainted" panels for pieces that I'm really emotionally attached to.

Meanwhile, I'm still practicing my crane folding. If you're curious and want to just give it a try, you don't have to buy origami paper. Lightweight gift wrapping paper works, too -- just cut it up into (about) 6" x 6" squares to start. Good instructions to fold a bird base are here:
And you can continue to fold the crane following these instructions:

Or for a totally different way (which I'm going to have to try tonight ...) go here:

AND, I'm planning a blog re-do, so don't be surprised if it looks a little bit different sometime in the next few days. If you subscribe with bloglines, it may also show up as a bunch of new posts, since I think I should have done a label for these pomegranates and pears, don't you?

:-) See you tomorrow! Keep warm and dry!

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Teri C said...

I still like it.

I have also done some origami folding but not for a long time. It is fun.

Remodeling! Whoo hoo. Wish I had the nerve to try it.

Toni said...

I just love the texture you are getting with this surface. Great.

Diahn said...

Wow, thanks for all the links - the boys and I may have to give it a whirl! I even have some bona fide origami paper...somewhere...

Loved the video of the scrubbing, and it is very interesting to see and hear how it worked after you got everything off. I haven't even cracked mine out of the cellophane, yet.

steviewren said...

I like the painting. All of your backgrounds are really interesting. Everything has the free look that is so nice in watercolors.

I had an aunt, who lived in Hawaii, who decorated her wedding with paper cranes...tiny gold ones. Every now and then I find them in amongst keepsakes.

laureline said...

I love seeing your ongoing experiments---you and I are alike in that we just don't settle down in one artistic groove. I've been meaning to try aquabord. It's so interesting to see what you're doing with it! Keep going, girl!

Sharon said...