Saturday, October 11, 2008


Orchids were on sale at Fresh Market -- just 9.99 for a small pot, so I had to get one to paint. Of course, I got the dark pink / light purple one. I'd been experimenting with new colors and really thought I had it figured out -- until I actually started painting it, that is. What was I thinking?

Pink. I will never find the right pink.

Meanwhile today we had a neighborhood garage sale. I sold only a little bit -- it was probably the worst garage sale in the history of garage sales ... :-( Oh well. I got rid of a couple of big things that were in the way and the little things can go to Goodwill or somewhere like that. Thankfully I wasn't participating in the sale because I needed the money; I just wanted to get rid of some of the clutter around here.

Later on Diahn and I went to Jerry's to pick up a little bit of paint. I'd made a mental note to try out Antwerp Blue (based on something I read) but saw that its permenance "fluctuates" -- it fades in light and then RECOVERS in the dark. ?? WHAT??? I had no idea that paint would do something like that. I was too creeped out to buy it. Waaaay too creeped out. What is it, alive??? Weird.

What I did get was a tube of venetian red and a tube of gold ochre. Both are solid classic colors that I don't have and want to play around with. I'll just use a different blue... and I don't want to know if either of them does anything like fluctuate, okay?

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Teri C said...

I love the fact that you bought the plant to paint! And then you painted it so beautiful.

Stay away from the witch paint.

Toni said...

Hmm never heard that about a paint before. Pinks are hard in watercolor. I have never found a good solution.

Felicity said...

I love the painting Linda! That Antwerp Blue, is that the one W&N brought out as a special anniversary edition? I'll have to check it out as I got some a few months back and never used it but it sounds VERY strange!

Linda said...

Teri -- :-D don't tell DH that I bought it just to paint! The same goes for anytime I buy pomegranates and artichokes, and is usually a consideration when selecting pears, clementines (WITH the leaves, of course), and leeks.
Toni -- If I find a good pink solution, I'll be certain to post about it!
Felicity -- I think the anniversary color was Smalt Blue. Kind of a neat deep blue, and you're right -- I need to dig it out and see what it does! I'd forgotten about having a tube of it!

Diahn said...

I've got one word for you.

Quinacridone Magenta.

Oh, wait - that was two words. :-)

Is there a Quin Magenta in watercolor?

All I know is, I buy twice as many tubes of it as I do any other color.

And it isn't evil.

janey said...

Your flowers are always so pretty. I have the one you sent on the bulletin board above my drawing table. And a garage sale is successful if you make enough money to get some more art supplies.

Linda said...

LOL! Diahn, you're right. I used some Winsor Newton quinacridone magenta in this, along with Daniel Smith quinacridone pink. I didn't think to use the Daniel Smith quinacridone magenta (which I, of course, have...) and am doing a test with it right now. There may be another flower painting this afternoon after all. There was one, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY gets to see IT!
Janey -- point well taken! I made enough to pick up a couple of tubes of paint, and cleared out enough room to have more space to paint, so it WAS a success!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Kind of fun to play with diff. colors isn't it? Love your latest works. Really lively and fun.

annie said...

Lord, now I will have nightmares about the Antwerp Blue recovering in the dark and coming alive!!