Friday, October 10, 2008

Then There Was One

I AM having fun with these backgrounds ... but think I might be getting a bit carried away with the splattering. (BTW -- For really wonderful pears, go visit Diahn. She's doing a series that is really going to be exciting when it's finished!)
As for me, I'm just having fun playing around. These little bits are very fun to do. They are on 1/16th sheet of 300# watercolor paper with a border taped off with one-inch artist's tape, so that the total size of the little painting is about 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". I'm also playing around with the idea of adding some new colors to my palette and have been using Winsor-Newton's Winsor Blue (Green Shade) along with Holbein's Burnt Umber for the final few dark accents. I like the Holbein Burnt Umber because it re-wets well; the Winsor-Newton brand of Burnt Umber tends to dry up and crack and then is lumpy to re-wet. Of course, the Winsor Blue Green Shade is terrific, but may be a little bit redundant. We'll see. The most fun discovery was when I dropped a bit of this mix into wet Cerulean -- it really moves around and gets interesting. There will be much more experimentation before the new colors finally go onto the palette, though -- so if any of you have any suggestions (pro or con) please let me know!

And then there are the pinks ... :-)

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Diahn said...

I don't think you are getting carried away with the splattering - I LOVE it! This is a maravillosa pear, amiga!

I need some new paints - wanna go to Jerry's tomorrow? :-)

Lin said...

Linnie!! This is so stunning! The colors, light, contrasts -- rich and yummmmy -- what colors are you using for the pears -- they're incredible!! Can I go to Jerry's with you?????????????????????????????

Linda said...

Let's all go to Jerry's ... everybody sing along!
:-D It's one of the best things about living in Knoxville!

Linda said...

Yikes -- Lin -- I forgot to answer your question! I started the pears out by "drawing" them in a light wash of New Gamboge, and then blotting out the highlights. While everything was wet, I went back in with layers of burnt sienna, more new gamboge, rose madder, more new gamboge, cerulean, more new gamboge (see a pattern?), cadmium red, then a swish of brown madder & indian red together with ultramarine -- I just kind of dripped and dropped it all in together very fast and wet into wet, not really letting anything much dry until then end. Then I went over the dark bits one more time with burnt sienna -- over the light bits one more time with new gamboge, and then made some nice dark squiggles with burnt umber and winsor blue green shade. There are those that might say that's too many colors, but it works for me! ;-)

Teri C said...

Well darn, I want to go to Jerry's also!

Wonderful pear and love that spatter.

Toni said...

Linda you can never have to much splattering. :) love the pears.

annie said...

I like the spattering too. I did not notice it until you mentioned it so I guess that means there really aren't TOO many!