Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Well, the scanner is up and working. I can't tell you guys what was wrong with it ... let's just say it was fine and it had operator issues. (If I told the truth, the computer police would come to my house and take all my electronics away. Sheesh. Some days I wonder if I deserve a computer...)
:-D Anyway -- here's the quick sketch of the geraniums hanging on the back deck Sunday -- what a beautiful day!
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I now drive out into the country to a little town (Loudon, TN) about three times a week. There are all these great old metal towers along the way. I'd been calling them water towers, but now I'm not sure that they're not some kind of silo. I may have to drive a little closer to one to see what it says, or maybe somebody out there could enlighten me. I love the way the light hits them in the evening. Good light can make something ugly into something spectacular.
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Teri C said...

Phew, I was so worried about the art police coming for you but you are off the hook now. Those towers are really interesting and I see more paintings of these in your future.

Love that hanging plant.

YEAH for Linda!

Lin said...

WonDERFUL work, Linda -- so fresh and sparkling!! Keep painting~!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I'm with you..... I have to ask help with almost everything techy. Glad your tech stuff is well now.

Love your sketches/paintings you've shown us. Thats quite a commitment those daily anything's. Good for you.

Lisalou said...

Good stuff and glad your scanner is back in business. You sound like me!

Diahn said...

Um. Where'd my comment go? I left one, or thought I did. Anyhow - these are both great - I particularly love the tower - decaying structures have a strange appeal to me. Go figure.

And yay for you figuring out the scanner - I'm sure it wasn't your fault it wasn't working...

annie said...

Geraniums just make me smile!