Monday, December 12, 2005

Done Shopping

I decided that during the month of December, at least until Christmas, that is, all my blog posts would have a holiday theme of some type or another.

In the spirit of the season, therefore, here is a litle ditty just for you, dear readers.

(to the tune of Jingle Bells)

A day or two ago,
This idea sounded fun,
I'd leave work at noon,
And get my shopping done. (all done!)

I'd be home by dinnertime
To eat, then wrap them all,
But now it's nearly nine p.m.
And I'm still at the mall.

Oh! Jingle hell! Jingle hell!
Shopping all night long!
It's no fun to be someone
In this obnoxious throng!

Jingle hell! Jingle hell!
Who knew it'd be this hard?
That's it! I quit! The rest will get
A Target gift card!

So there. Now, let's all go eat some chocolate. Posted by Picasa


annie said...

Ha Ha! You know what they say about the best laid planes of mice and men.I love the new version of Jingle Bells! Did you write the lyrics? And yes, you can link to my parade pics. I can't believe people liked them, I thought they would be so boring!

Unknown said...

Coool christmas drawings!! Love your santa too!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Lindsay said...

hahahah the real christmas spirit. the down in the dumps spirit.
That's why I do most of my shopping on line!!! or make my gifts. I'll be checking back for more reality holidays

Sunday Afternoons said...

At least there's always chocolate. Enjoy!

Lin said...


Anonymous said...

We have a gift exchange at work. You get three choices. I put chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Love the bag and did you right that jingle? Such hidden talents.

Linda said...

(in my Elvis voice...) Thank-ya. Thank-ya-vurry-much.

Yes -- I wrote the lines, which are the abbreviated version of the stuff I muttered as I shopped. It's a fun way to keep from getting grumpy!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, i visit this site often and i never leave comments.

I LOVE your work and i want you to know that...

Big H

Laureline said...

Linda, you are a genius! This is so witty---I had no idea you were a writer as well as a painter!

Random said...

i just came across your blog through random surfing. those are amazingly good sketches!

Kathleen Pequignot said...

Ahhhhhh Godiva... now, I'm dreaming of a big big bag of yummy dark bits melting in my mouth... heaven.

And you, such a songwriter. Whhhoooohoooo! You a talented lady!

Unknown said...

Love your drawings, but great poem too!

Felicity Grace said...

Love the colour of the bag - really inviting and yummy! I'll have some chocolate today in your honour!!

Unknown said...

If it weren't for chocolate, I'd never make it through the Christmas shopping...great sketch, great lyrics! I feel your pain - Knoxville is jingle hell fo sho!