Saturday, January 02, 2010


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I did this a month ago, and haven't drawn much of anything since. But I look at it and it makes me happy. Something about it feels like the direction I want to go this year.

BUT ... if you are expecting New Year's resolutions and goals for 2010 ... well, it just ain't happening right now.

Diahn and I met up today and talked about how we normally set goals this time of year. She didn't quite read me the riot act about my lack of blog posts this past month, but she very firmly and sweetly pointed out that I was a dismal disappointment. A slacker, you might say. And I had to agree. So I PROMISE to do better!!! And while we don't have major goals, we might have a little no-stress project to play with this year -- an idea that we're just tossing around right now. To be quite honest, I'm still a bit overwhelmed with life, and have to get through my "to-do list" before I can think about doing much more!

My To Do List:

Pick out new floors for my downstairs and get them installed so I can finally get this house straightened back up!

I have a new dining room set in my living room -- the old dining room furniture is still in the dining room waiting to get put up on Craig's List. Maybe I'd have better luck getting to the drawing table if I wasn't climbing over an extra dining room table. You think?

Good Will can expect a major donation, as I am going through my entire house and getting rid of stuff that I don't use. I've already done a couple of rooms, but my closet is ... well, let's just say that it is a bit full.

I have to get caught up on some things at work. Seriously.

AND THEN I can think about art projects. Big ones, that is.

Still. I have major art guilt right now about not keeping up the sketching habit, so I'll be starting that back up. And I think little gouache paintings on tan paper, like the one above, are a good starting point for now. Promise.