Monday, September 06, 2010


I've never had much luck growing vegetables in our yard. We have too many trees that compete for the sunshine and the water to have a successful vegetable garden. Still, I try.

This spring at a local nursery I found a nice sized patio tomato plant that was already off to a good start. Our deck gets a good amount of sun, so, even though the plant was a bit pricey, we figured it would be worth a try.

We planted it and watered it.

We pinched back the suckers and weeded the pot occasionally.

Then, we had a new grandbaby. And we traveled a little. And we went out onto the lake on the weekends. And we kind of forgot about the plant, which had, by August, flopped over out of it's pot and was lying on a deck chair's footstool.

Not a sign of a tomato, though. None.

Today, doing some pre-fall cleaning, I went out to the deck with the plan of pulling the plant up so we could at least get to the chair. AND...


and, there on the footstool, positively GLOWING, was a tomato.

So, just in case you've never seen one before, ladies and gentlemen,
Allow me proudly to present...

2010 09 06_6564e