Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Cactus

An old sketchbook page. This was the best Christmas cactus I ever had -- and it has never bloomed as well since.

Inspired by Laura's upcoming retrospective of her 2005 art, I may just have to do the same. You'll notice this page is from TWO years ago. I thought I'd really improved until I looked at this, although there is no telling how many hours and hours I spent doing this one. At least the work goes faster now. It makes me consider re-introducing that darn brown again, though!

We've been in Texas with relatives the past few days and are now on our way to visit others, so I'm not able to post any new stuff until Christmas afternoon. Don't worry -- y'all will get your Christmas present then!

AND, by the way -- while in Texas using my sister-in-law's computer, I was horrified to see how terrible my template looks in her browser. What is a nice cream color on my computer is a ghastly yellow color on hers. If it looks as horrid on your screen, try looking at it in Internet Explorer -- let me know, because if everybody gets that nasty color I'm changing templates!

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annie said...

Ah Christmas Cactus, very lovely! But when it comes into my home, it's like the kiss of death...I have never had any luck with them.

Your template looks good in my browser, but I use IE. Your template is the same as mine.

I've enjoyed following your art and getting to know a little bit about you through the year (and comparing some of our rural quirks!).

You have a wonderful Christmas too Linda.

Laureline said...

I see a nice creamy color, too, honey. No problems here. IE, though, so that's no help. I admire your Christmas cactus, but I think maybe your irrepressible personality is more evident in your recent work ;D. And yes, speed has its advantages. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Bill said...

Hi Laura, thanks for checking out my blog! Im glad you liked it.

Lin said...

Your blog is a lovely cream on my computer - and I think you've done a super job on the Christmas cactus. Your art and courage have inspired me this year -- that you for that too! MERRY CHRISTMAS I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely art next year!

Lin said...

I meant to type - thank YOU for that too!

Anonymous said...

A nice cream color on mine. And that's a lovely page. I have one stalk of a christmas cactus - just 2 leaves on it. And it blooms every year but never grows. I like yours much better.

Nita Van Zandt said...

Nice cactus, whenever it bloomed :-) Mine do best when I ignore them.

quotidian said...

Merry Christmas Linda!
Hope you have a good holiday season!
I have a request - when can you draw your favorite superhero? :)

Sally said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I have been looking through your blog and what a pleasure. I love your drawings and sense of humor. I too have made a committment to drawing every plant species in my yard. We recently were flooded by Hurricane Wilma and the only surviving plants were natives (yay!). As I am replanting with more natives I'm trying to learn all the names and document them in my sketchbook. So it is nice to see your botanical drawings. I'm sure your blog will keep me inspired. Thanks for your comment! Have a great year.