Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Strangest Pencil

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We have been without Internet for a bit, due to a bad cable modem, and are finally getting back up and running. Now I'm busy cleaning up all the holiday mess -- there's a Christmas tree to be hauled out back (when I can finally let it go -- as it gets older it smells more and more wonderful!) and furniture to be returned to it's regular arrangement. Art supplies can be pulled back out and painting resumed. Of course, there is a trip to Florida in the making, so some delays are inevitable.

All the gifts I received were delightful -- just what I wanted! Exercise clothing and gear, computer gadgets, music, and art supplies (or the cash to purchase them!) I just have to show you all the most unusual gift of the year, though! This is a graphite sculpture -- or "graphite object" as you may prefer -- designed by Agelio Batle in San Francisco. It was from my sister in Phoenix, selected on the advice of my thoughtful niece. It can actually be used to write or draw; I may do ONE drawing of a seahorse (from a photo from the Aquarium) with this, but then it will be display only! Pretty neat, huh?

You can see more of this type of graphite sculpture here.

And the end of the year is here -- which means it is time to review last year's plan (and how it did NOT go off as planned!) and make a plan for 2007. I've been mulling a few things over in my head for a few weeks now, and am nearly ready to finalize those goals ... we shall see.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Saturday -- the last watercolor class of the year. I went in with nothing in mind, saw a poinsettia on a table, and, remembering that this week's Everyday Matters challenge was to do a holiday card, vowed to paint the entire thing in one sitting. Well, I didn't quite make it, and now the feeling is gone ... so here's what's left. What to do with that upper right corner, and exactly what was I thinking on the upper left??? If this gets finished it will be next year's Christmas card*.

Of course, we all know what the month of December means, don't we? This is probably the last serious post of the year. Christmas is irresistibly fun, in my book!

*This sketch from last December is what I used for a card this year, in a limited quantity. I ordered them through Qoop (via Flickr) -- and they really turned out nicely.