Sunday, June 28, 2009

Red Chair Shadow Shot

Red wicker chairs on a porch in the late afternoon sun on a Saturday in summer, while a group of friends gather together, along with horses for riding, kids for the picking up and spinning around and around, and good food for the eating.

'nuff said.

Life is good.

I bet all the other folks posting shadow shots this Sunday over at Hey Harriet would agree.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fly Away Shadow Shot

I've said it before -- once you start looking at shadows you notice things you've never seen before. This shadow has been in my kitchen, literally, for five years or more. And I just now noticed it.
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The culprit? This little glass blue bird that hangs in my kitchen window.

And speaking of flying away ... despite being so busy with work (where the heat is being turned up), a complete downstairs remodel (which is going slowly), an upcoming garage sale (see notes about remodel and imagine many many boxes and bags of STUFF added to the mix), a neighborhood picnic (which we are responsible for organizing), and an out of town business meeting ( I need to elaborate on THAT?) -- all going on next week ... despite being so busy right now that I frequently find myself sitting on the sofa in mild panic with a fixed stare on my face .... despite being so busy that I could WORK until midnight tonight and barely make a dent in the pile ... I'm going to the lake today for the first time this summer.

Yep. Despite all that I'm flying away from it all. So there. Everybody, have a fun rest of the weekend!
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Going in Circles

Shadow shots ... once you start looking for interesting shadows, you notice the strangest little things. Cool.

... and it is even COOLER when you've got a buddy in from out of town to go shadow-shootin' with...
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

June Boomers

June is here, and so is the season here when, without warning, thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon causing general traffic problems and other minor disruptions; happily, usually within about 30 or 45 minutes, the sun pops right back out again. We had several years of drought here, and I'm very VERY happy to say that it looks like our weather is finally back to normal. Yay!

This video (HERE) was taken only eight minutes before this photo ... which was taken as the rain slowed down and the sun came out. If you look closely you can see raindrops ... :-)

P.S. My schedule is getting back to normal, and I found my sketchbook after losing it for a few days, so I should be getting back to sketching around town soon!
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