Sunday, February 07, 2010

2010 02 07_5960e

I've been working on a little series of portraits in a small "folder" style journal since about mid January. (Starting with the little portrait I posted earlier.) This past Friday night I couldn't find my palette of gouache anywhere, and after turning the house upside down, gave up the search and just filled an extra empty palette with fresh paint, with the plan of finishing up the book Saturday afternoon. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I realized my little book of finished portraits was also missing.

Gone. And I can't imagine where it could be... except that I've been doing a LOT of housecleaning which has involved throwing a lot of stuff away...

Sigh. I'm starting over from scratch.

Oddly, I'm not terribly upset that it's gone missing. Don't know what's up with THAT.


Other news -- Diahn and I have had a little photography project going this year where we've done a photo a day of ... well, of whatever we see that day. We call the project "Quirk" and would love to invite you all over to take a peek.

Hmmmm... maybe I need to look through all my photos for clues to my missing sketchbook...