Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wishin for Fishin

(Yawn.) Up too late last night and up again too early this morning. It's that time of the month at work when we have to close out one month and begin another and start feeding all kinds of reports up the food chain, so I have at least one more hectic day there. A friend is having a long awaited baby shower tomorrow, so there's been some fun activities as we get food and decorations together for it. I'm determined to exercise every day this month, so have had to rush home and get out on the road to get my walk in before it gets dark; I'm also working every night learning Tai Chi as I get ready for a two day Tai Chi training course later on this month. My poor quads are trembling from standing soooo long with my arms reaching forward and my knees bent. And really, despite all of that, I know my days are a lot easier than some of yours.

Still. Doesn't spending the day fishing sound better?

(Sigh.) I think so.

And about the election , whether you are pleased with the outcome or not, just remember the old saying ... no matter who gets elected, the Government always gets in. :-)

Finally, I just have to have a sad pause for a moment. This evening I found out that Michael Crichton died yesterday. I love his books, although I couldn't tell you which is my favorite.

Okay -- I'm going to go do some quick housework and get ready for bed. I'm pooped!

:-) P.S. I've already had to go back in the first 5 seconds of posting to correct all kinds of grammatical errors -- I'm that tired. If I missed any, please feel free to roll your eyes and make fun of me.

(Fine Print Disclaimer: I did this watercolor sketch a couple of weeks ago and have had it lying around. I doodled in a meeting today, and that was the extent of my drawing. It's just been too much of a day...)

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Diahn said...

Such a relaxing mood in this one. Is this D fishing?

mARTa said...

I'd like to hang out my sign; Gone Fishing, even though I don't fish. I am taking an evening to just relax; reflect and peruse my favorite blogs. As usual I am left gaping in awe at what I have missed here. From the pink crane to the juicy persimmons! I don't know if they make me want to go eat one or paint one!!! I loved your Trick or Treat tidbit. Kids are great!!! Thank you also for so much encouragement through my oil painting oddessy. Our next at home assignment is to do something experimental...yikes...better start thinking...well, perhaps maƱana.

Teri C said...

Doing this wonderful little painting a few weeks ago and then doodling today works just fine. Gosh yo sound so tired. Hope you got lots of sleep.