Monday, November 03, 2008

Poor Pears

These poor beat up pears have sat too long on my drawing table. I didn't realize that the heat of the drawing light was slowly cooking them until I cut one open and found it brown and warm. Yuk. I tried some different pigments with this, and they lack the, um, clarity of some of the others I've been using. And I might be getting a little bored with fruit. Maybe.
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Teri C said...

Actually, I like this color and I like the marks and bruising and the background.

Sounds like it's time to move onto another P-word :)

Diahn said...

Perhaps pears, pomegranates and persimmons perish profusely prior to pursuing perilous painterly permutations?

Or you should move on to quince.

Lin said...

But I'll bet they're sweet as sugar now -- The one I ate this afternoon looked just like the one on the far right -- gorgeous, Linda! Truly!