Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saved by the Sketch Part 2

If I'm reading it right, this (above) would be Teri's suggestion for a crop, and the one below is Jim's suggestion. StevieWren thought that the banners helped give it interest, while Diahn also agreed that the angles on things tended to point one out of the picture while the leaves and banners brought the eye back inwards -- so that would explain that. Hmmm... Does this look or sound right, guys?

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Teri C said...

Yup, that is exactly what I meant and I love the cropped look!!

steviewren said...

The one on the top is the best. Teri was right. It gets rid of unneeded information and tightens the focus.

mARTa said...

the top one......not sure what you were saying or's my brain not your writing! LOL. But the one that draws me in is the top cropped one.

Jim said...

Hold it...the one on top is much closer to what I was suggesting as well...but what I further suggest is to crop most the top off the building...down to only some part of the black triangle.

Linda said...

Okay -- GOTCHA! The suggestions are pulling together to make some sense here. Now I just have to see if I can get a painting out of this or something to show y'all's hard work!
(note -- in the south, "y'all" is a real word. If something belongs to you all, then the word DOES have two apostrophes (or would it be apostropae?) as in "y'all's". Otherwise we would have to say "all of your" which takes just too much time.)