Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tired Chi

I've been in Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor training all day long today. In the last fifteen minutes of the class, a variation of the series was introduced -- and we have to lead class tomorrow! I've taken a hot soak (my poor muscles) and now have to practice ... Drawing will have to wait.

Just in case you are interested -- here's a bit of a video of the style I'm learning to teach. The knee bends are not as deep as in other schools, and each step is followed by another step in, so that there is more of an emphasis on agility rather than holding deep, wide stances. It makes it easier on the older individual. It makes it easier on the younger individual, for that matter. It doesn't matter how young or old you are though, if you do it for 8 hours and aren't used to it, you get a little bit sore. :-)


Oh wait ... that's yoga. What DO they say in the Tai Chi world?

Who knows ... let's pretend ...

Kung Pow! (See you tomorrow!)

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Teri C said...

Now that was interesting. I be peple with arthritis really benefit from this movement.