Sunday, November 16, 2008


This one actually goes with this one and this one. Fun to do just shapes and patterns rather than detail.

We went to the Foothills Craft Guild show at the Jacobs Building in Knoxville today. I have to say, it was hand down the best arts and craft show that I've ever been to. Everything was of exceptionally high quality, the vendors were great, the venue was just the right size ... perfect. Bob Meadows, my favorite bookbinder and friend from watercolor class, was there with his amazing books. I won a door prize, which let me pick an item from a table full of donated items, and I picked -- you guessed it -- a book by Bob!

It was a nice day.

It is getting cold here. Stay warm and dry everyone.

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annie said...

These are just so fine. Even the shadows and the rocks and skies in each one.

Teri C said...

It does look wonderful. Sounds like a fun day. I looked at Bob's website, very interesting.

Lin said...

This is fabulous Linda!! I LOVE the composition, the foliage, the trees -- stunning!

soulbrush said...

see what i mean? looks so simple and easy to do, but (for me) it's not. another great one.