Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Nose By Any Other Name

We have a new kitten. Actually, she's D's cat, and I'm making very sure he doesn't forget that HE was the one who wanted to keep this one. She showed up about three weeks ago and hasn't left since. Of course, since she showed up, we've had to take her to the vet twice, one visit which resulted in her staying there for a week. So, about $500 later, D has a cat that IS HIS ... and she doesn't have a name yet.

Well, her name is "Cat" according to the vet. Not really her name. Just her, um, description.

A kid at the vet's office suggested the name "Oreo" because she is black and white. We played with the name "Lightning" because she has that white streak down the front of her fact and is amazingly fast (Lightning sounds more like a name for a pony, though...) Names from the musical Cats have been tossed around -- Rumpleteazer and Etcetera have been my favorites. D had some really horrible and boring suggestions, that I won't even mention. Finally, today in art class I asked Angelia, whose cats all have GREAT names, for suggestions. I described Cat -- how she looked, how she acts, all that stuff, and within a very short time Angelia came up with the name "Sassy". Perfect. I suggested it to D this afternoon, and he really liked it. So she was named Sassy. For a few hours, that is.

We watched Get Smart tonight. As a result, the cat's name got changed, and it was totally D's idea. Her new name? "Chaos" -- or "Kaos"* --which suits her high-jumping, back-flipping, floor-sliding personality just fine.

Unless, of course, we hear any better suggestions.... anyone?

*We have to figure out the spelling, but aren't too worried about doing it right away, since the cat hasn't learned to read yet.
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annie said...

I don't have any suggestions for the name, but she sure has gorgeous markings. I love this photo of her!

Mim said...

Awww, she's gorgeous:) Eeep! to the vet bills though.

Chaos sounds like the perfect name, she was, after all, the first of the greek primeval gods, any cat should be proud to wear the name :)

I always name my cats according to the rules laid out by TS Elliot in "The Naming of Cats", with due consideration given to the issue of whether you're willing to be heard by the entire neighbourhood calling the animal's name on the street at 3am.

Teri C said...

She is beautiful. Love her coloring. I expect to see a painting of cat soon. How about Tux for a name :)

Anonymous said...

We've got a kitten (born Sept 5) who looks a little like yours (well... D's cat).

We called it KitKat. As we live in Qu├ębec... I think that name could easely be shared by 2 different cats without any problem !

soulbrush said...

she is adorable, i like sassy, it's easy and 'rolls off the tongue'.bet she's gonna be yours more than his sooooon.

Lisa Reed said...

I love her and the Chaos name. I wanted to name a calico Chaos---because they do look rather chaotic! Go for it!