Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Leaves

Brrrrr! Yesterday was warm-ish and drizzly, with fog lasting all day long, even through the noon hour. Last night and today, the winds blew the fog away and brought in heavier rain and, finally, colder weather! The leaves in our yard dropped all at once last night. I hope D is going to get out there and rake them up tomorrow! (Well, okay, I'll help, too... )

This little bit was from a photo that someone in WC class had of the Rockies and the gold leaves. I really liked the light and dark patterns, and didn't worry too much about the exact shape. Yep. Aren't those happy little clouds?

(Note -- this is NOT from the reference photo I mentioned in yesterday's post. I decided to go ahead and work small again today, since the cold wet weather made me not want to drag a bunch of big stuff to and from class. L-A-Z-Y.)

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Chris said...

Great painting!

annie said...

I love the yellow leaves glowing with the light. They are sometimes so translucent. You really caught that.

Teri C said...

O.M.G. this is just stunning!!!!!!!! WOWZERS!

mARTa said...

Stunning Lnda!

soulbrush said...

i absolutely love this one. this is my ideal of 'how to paint watercolours' it.

Sandy said...

Oh this one just Sings of fresh air - Love IT!!

William F. Renzulli said...

What a delightful painting. (I could say this about all of your watercolors.)