Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans Day Two

Well, THIS was supposed to be the painting for yesterday, being Veteran's Day and there being a flag and all. But, yesterday evening it got dark and a bit cold and then it rained. And I got very sleepy. And so I didn't do the little painting until tonight.

I'd forgotten how tricky painting on Bristol is! I didn't want to add any ink at all, but ended up having to use white acrylic ink for the white stars and then a couple of little lines ... okay, three other little lines. But I avoided the black ink entirely. There are places that might have been better served with some ink work. But maybe not.

Even though it is mid-November, many of our trees here still have many of their leaves. Because we've had several dry years, I really expected that this would be a dull autumn. It has been anything but dull! The leaves started changing late, then the colors have been incredibly vibrant, and have held for a long time. And I'm loving it.
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steviewren said...

I've been catching up on your blog. I don't know of anyone more prolific than you. Love the colors in this Veteran inspired piece. The fountain is great. It makes me want to pull out some photos and give it a try. The bell pepper is fantastic too.

Margaret Ann said...

OH MY! The colors in this just SING...this is simply Americana at its best...what a lovely tribut for the day...Well done!

Teri C said...

OMG Linda, this is gorgeous! The play of light on here is just striking!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the painting is one day late after Veteran's day (we call it Remembrance Day). The point is you remembered the day and didn't forget.

What a great paintiing! The colours just 'pop'!

So what is it like painting on Bristol Board? I tried painting on Fabriano Hot Press 100% cotton rag yesterday. Is it anything like that??

Thanks for visiting my Blog and leaving a great comment ;))

soulbrush said...

this is fabadabadoo. wow! and ilike the pepper too, i would want to just paint it green all over!

Sandy said...

Wow, this is an eye opener - Fabulously bright and vibrant and patriotic! I love how bold you are with color - and thanks for the well wishes to my "bad eye" it is better and I learned my lesson!

Linda said...

Thank you all!
Bonnie -- The best way I can think of to describe Bristol is that it reminds one of posterboard, but with a more finished surface. I use Strathmore 400 Bristol, which is really really heavy. It ROCKS for pen and ink, does well with fine line graphite, of course acrylic ink or liquid acrylics do well on it, and watercolor misbehaves in a very fun way!

Lisa Reed said...

The colors in this are so brilliant--I love love love it!