Sunday, November 02, 2008

P for Pebble

Just when I thought I'd broken out from the series of "p" things ... I realized that I'd painted a house* at Pebble Beach. (Not that I went there -- it's from my WC teacher's reference photos). It's just more of my playing with shades of grey.

And I found out just a little bit ago that the time changed today and not next weekend, like I thought, and I didn't even realize it had changed because my husband changed the clocks without mentioning it. I got a extra hour of sleep AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT. Shoot. That takes all the fun out of it.

(*Could it have been this one? The reference photo I used was small and the details of the building behind the trees were somewhat indistinct. The windows are certainly the same, although the roofline is different than what I thought I saw. I'll bet it is the same place, though! So much for accuracy!)

P.S. I STILL can't get the banner right! I've widened it to 1024 pixels and it is still too narrow. Sigh. Everyday a little wider ... once I get those dimensions right, I'll post them so that anyone who is interested in using the Minima Stretch template in blogger can get it right the first time!

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind living in a beautiful house like that one!

You painted it so beautifully it's almost like an invitation to go and visit!

Teri C said...

Oh geez, you make it look so easy and so beautiful!!! Looks like a framer to me.

annie said...

It's been good catching up with you! I really like the new header. It is quite a pain to get the size figured out sometimes. Mine on my blog is not quite right. I gave up when I finally got it all inside the box!

Mim said...

I really like the view of the window through the tree branches in that one, it's lovely! Plus I'm a sucker for rocks and water, they make me happy :)

One of the problems with using an image in the header on Minima stretch is that the sizes of the layout elements are partly determined by the size of the window they're being viewed in.

So if you make the banner big enough to fill the header box when your browser window is set to the full width of your screen then the banner will be too big if anyone is viewing your blog in a narrower browser window.

Unfortunately I know enough to figure out the problem but not to figure out the solution! lol

Linda said...

Yikes, Mim! I didn't realize that! I'll sneak on at work and see what it looks like there.
Annie -- I'm SO glad you're back!
Teri -- it just might get frames.
Bonny -- Hmm...this house is on your side of the continent -- I think you should go visit! :-)

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hey, this isn't a pear ... this is really lovely and looks like it was really fun to paint.

Diahn said...

Perfectly pebbly.


It looks windswept and lovely and peaceful and I want to sit right there and stare out at the horizon.