Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, after a few days of rain and cold, it was kind of nice to think about warm sunshine. Never happy, am I!?

So... now I'm wondering about throwing down some ink lines, and now that I see it up on the screen, I know I need to add a touch of dark to close off those light lines in the underside of the sunbrella. Hmmmm. That's what happens when something sits for a day or two around here.

By the way, here is the reference photo. I snapped the pic without pausing as I was walking into the restaurant -- hence the odd angles...
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(P.S. I remember that I promised two drawings. The second one is still underway, since we spent the ENTIRE DAY Christmas shopping. I'm trying watercolor on Bristol with graphite over it, so I'm not sure how the experiment will turn out. We shall see...)


Lisa Reed said...

This is a very cool painting! I love your color choices.

Teri C said...

Holy moley, I didn't know anyone else used 'brella' sun or rain. My kids (and now me and the grands) always say rainbrella. Well, now they are saying snowbrella but I can use the sunbrella. Okay, enough foolishness.

I love the composition and the colors. Just great.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like your painting better than the photo.

Diahn said...

Wonderful! So full of light and warmth. I want to be sitting there right now!