Sunday, October 12, 2008

Perils of Pink

You know, last year about this time I was working on the color pink, too, and finally had enough sense to give it up.

Sigh. No longer an option. I have to work this out, or it will drive me nuts!

I tried using Sennelier Cobalt Violet Rose, which is a WONDERFUL shade of light pink that is very clear. One of the best light pinks I've worked with -- except that, being Sennelier, it has that honey texture to the binder, and then it lifted very easily when I did another wash over it. I mixed in some DS quin magenta and some quin violet -- and finally tried a bit of Sennelier Tyrian Pink (which is nearly as horrible as Opera, but not so blue -- sorry to all of you Opera lovers out there, but the blue in it makes the backs of my eyeballs itch...) And then there was a terrible chemical reaction when I added some blues to make things dark, and everything pushed away from everything else and weird things started happening, so I quit with the paint.

As horrible as it was, I didn't worry too much, because I figured it could be fixed in the end by adding ink.

Not at all.
In no universe, known or unknown.


Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.
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Unknown said...

Perhaps painting paisley pinafores produces pleasing pink permutations?



:-D I like the addition of the ink. Don't give up - you're on the right path.

Teri said...

Maybe you could call this 'painful pink'. I'm glad you are doing all this work for the rest of us to benefit. You WILL tell us won't you.

You and Diahn are such a hoot!!

steviewren said...

But your shapes are so pretty...have you tried using a red with an yellow base rather than blue? Not much yellow, just a slight hint.