Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lemon Tag

Still working on yellows, so here are some lemons. You guys are right ... a little purple wash, very light, is just the thing for the shadow side of the lemons. Posted by Picasa
And, by the way, I've been tagged by Patrick. (go see his drawings of Stella ... what a sweetie!)

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1. waitress
2. selling clothes in the mall (for two whole miserable weeks)
3. paratrooper
4. art director ... oh no, wait, 3 & 4 were Patrick's answers ... bookkeeper and therapist would be my answer! (One of my patients once called me his "physical terrorist"...)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1. any of the Lord of the Rings movies
2. The Usual Suspects
3. The Fifth Element (I know it's crazy, but I love every single character in this movie -- it is the PERFECT science fiction movie in my opinion!)
4. I can't think of another one ...

Four Places I’ve Lived
1. Miami, Florida
2. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
3. Tyler, Texas
4. Knoxville, Tennessee

Four TV Shows I Love
1. Lost
2. Survivor
3. Gilmore Girls (reminds me of my daughter!)
4. The King of Queens (reminds me of my hubby...!)

Four Places I’ve Vacationed
1. Mexico -- the Yucatan
2. Colorado
3. Nevada
4. Canada

Four of My Favorite Dishes
1. Good, fried fresh caught walleye -- (especially the cheeks! yum!)
2. New York Strip Steak, coated in my very own secret Cracked Pepper rub, cooked medium rare
3. Falafel from Vic and Bill's deli on North Broadway!
4. Cantaloupe (okay -- nearly any fruit)

Four Sites I Visit Almost Daily
OKAY, now -- there are a lot that I visit nearly daily! How do I list just four?
1. Laurelines - because I always learn something from her work! (but don't we all?)
2. Patrick's Blog - because he is always outdoors, doing cool stuff (and I love his dog pics)
3. Diahn's Blog - because she's my local drawing buddy and I love her stuff!
4. Karen's blog - because she's my baby sister who never used to think she could draw, because some cheap slob who called himself a high school art teacher was a *insert series of words of your personal choice* and now she's finally realizing that of course she can do whatever she puts her mind to and is actually pretty doggone good at it! Go see it. Tell her hi. Tell her that her big sister loves her, (but remind her that I can still kick her butt anytime I want to.)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Now
1. Florida, visiting the dear daughter and her sweet hubby! oh, and the puppy ...
2. Arizona, taking a botanical drawing class with baby sis
3. But, hey, I kind of like where I am right now ...
4. Hmmm... did I mention Colorado?

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
1. Jim ('cause he's been so doggone quiet lately)
2. Bonny
3. Lin
4. Robyn


Chuck Rose said...

This is an excellent example of loose strokes that are very descriptive of the object. Nicely done!

Karen said...

I like the lemons. The colors are so bright. Makes me wish even more that my lemon tree had fruit this year.

BS Karen

ps. I know you can still kick my butt and it scares me.

Kathleen Pequignot said...

Love the yellow studies... the lemons are zesty looking. :)

Lin said...

Ah, Linda -- you're a sweetheart!! And my first tagger! LOL

ABSOLUTELY LOVE thee lemons!!! ADORE the colors you've used in the lemons and the shadows. After my trip to Sicily I fell in love with lemons (even more) -- so these just make me pucker up and return me to that magical island. BRAVA, cara!!

Anonymous said...

Your lemons are luscious, Linda. Hmm. Lots of ls, there! It is fun to see how someone else approaches color study and your loose painting style is an added bonus!
And thank you for your very kind words, too, my friend.

quotidian said...

hey linda!
i'm a huge comic book fan, and i thought of you when i read the latest issue of KABUKI (#6). if you get a chance, get it - it's really cool from a design perspective.

Terri said...

Lovely lemons. :o) I like the hint of purple in the shadow too. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lemons and I guess artistic ability runs in the family. I like baby sis' drawings.