Thursday, January 01, 2009

What - Another Year?

It has become a tradition that Diahn and I meet up on New Year's and set our yearly goals. Since Diahn is moving today (sobbing quietly...) we met up at Panera a few days ago and started a plan.

The first thing we did was look at last year.

Oh my. Last year we must have been full of caffeine and high on chocolate, because our goals were CRAZY over the top. I only hit one of mine -- and that was to become a rock star... Oh yeah. I'm a Guitar Heroine.

But really. Life threw some curve balls at both of us early on in the year and we got so totally off track that we never could get back on. Well, that's okay. We both dealt with the curve balls, and that's the main thing.

I'm still working to get my goals together, and it may be some time before I do. Mostly, I'm seeing that I have to find some balance between work and play and make my art time feel like PLAY -- not work. I have enough real work to do without making my hobby feel like another job. I've got a to-do list that includes, as usual, getting my art space cleaned back up so I can stop tripping over things while I paint. I want to draw / sketch more. I want to worry less about finished paintings. On the other hand, I keep thinking about working in acrylic, and so keep buying big canvases -- I have three that I want to actually put some paint on this year. I'd like to do portraits of my sister's girls. I'd like to do some pug portraits, too. I want to wander around and draw / paint what I see. If you look on the sidebar, you'll notice that I'm planning on joining the "Creative Every Day in 2009" challenge, and though I may not blog every day about it, I plan to take a few minutes to do something creative every day.* And, of course, I plan to continue my blossoming career as a rock star.

So there.

Happy 2009, everyone. What are YOUR plans?

*My creative thing today was to play the piano for 20 minutes, fill my new watercolor palette, and choose a subject for the first big canvas. More on that tomorrow!


Bonny said...

Happy 2009, Linda! You have great ideas for your creatvity. I would love to see some of those Pug portraits (I love dogs:)!)

I'm pleased you stopped by to see The caribou photo (A.K.A. reindeer). We were up on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC for a romatic dinner. While we were there we had an awesome sleighride, but it was really, REALLY cold! The caribou were just visiting over the holidays and don't normally live on Grouse Mountain. It's the first time I have seen them live, too. Rob has seen their cousins on his work trips up to Anchorage, but they were new for me.

Havea Happy and Creative New Year!!!

Teri C said...

Sounds like great plans especially for a ROCK STAR!!!

I really do hope to see more art from you, it is always so wonderfully creative!

Happy 2009

annie said...

I am really sorry that Diahn is moving. I've always admired the support you gave each other in your art, and have wished I could find something similar around she moving south, by any chance?? LOL

I don't quite have my creative plans together yet, but I do plan on taking my creativity a little more seriously this year.

Toni said...

Sound like you are off to a good start. A rock star hey. Sounds good.
yes definitely make your art a time to play. I hope to do the same.

Lin said...

HAPPY 2009, LINNIE!!! Oh I too worry about finished paintings, fun, and juggling it all -- but i admire your work so much and hope that 2009 finds the fun and time you hope for!!