Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stand By

Musical moment for the day ... seen on Artvisionz (Angie in Arizona) blog, which has been added to my blog list on the right! This is really worth taking the few minutes to watch. Especially if you've ever collaborated with someone on a project.

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Meanwhile, today I painted the background on a 24"x24" canvas, with the plan to do a painting of a frighteningly gigantic dahlia. In PINK. It's enough to give one nightmares. Since I couldn't move straight to the pink tonight, and since the weather today has continued to be so dreary and rainy that any landscape painting would just be a bunch of indistinct Payne's grey shapes, I decided to sketch it out in the watercolor Moleskine that I'm using for January. This paper takes a little getting used to, especially after using #300 hot press for so long. The plan is that by the end of January I'll love this book as much as everyone else does. Either that or I'll never get another. One or the other!

And I finished "Eclipse" -- the third book in the Twilight series. Sigh. Between Vampires and Werewolves and Guitar Hero I think I've regressed to age 13. But with wrinkles. And a driver's license. And only marginally more cash.


Margaret Ann said...

The music clip is a favorite of mine too...I put it on my blog as well after seeing it on someone elses...I can't stop watching/listening to it...It's simple the BEST!

Your pink Dahlia is stunning..and so vibrant...a perfect project for the start of a new year! :)

Diahn said...

The dahlia is going to be splendiferous - love the w/c, but the acrylic one will be Mah-vah-lous!

And I'm so glad to know I'm not the only post-40 13 year old in the bunch...of course, in addition to my Edward Cullen infatuation, and my Guitar Hero addiction...I have braces! Woo hoo!

annie said...

I just love that video! It makes me grin every time I see it!

I totally understand about being the 13 yo with wrinkles--I have a pink phone, and a pink blue tooth ear thing to match. Yesterday, a REAL 13 yo told me how much she loved my bluetooth!

I like your pink Dahlia too!

annie said...

PS That video also makes me want to run to New Orleans (with camera in hand, and maybe a sketch book?) and check out the street musicians there!

Angie in AZ said...

Love the free flow of your painting!

Teri C said...

I am excited about you filling that sketchbook!! sounds like my daisy book.

This dahlia is BEAUTEOUS!! You are the best with these vibrant colors!!

steviewren said...

I'm reading book three too! Well, I was before the final Christmas rush sucked my whole life into it's vortex. I'm going to get back to it real soon. Have you seen the movie? The movie version of Edward Cullen is a perfect James Dean Vampire. Full of teenage angst...too much for someone who is 101 years old...and yes I am too old for a teenage vampire love story!