Friday, January 02, 2009

Play On

Just thought you'd like a peek at "Lindora", my rock and roll lead guitarist persona. This looks just exactly like me. Yep. EXACTLY.

... and here's my bass guitar persona. She looks exactly like me, too -- a little more fleshed out than Lindora, I suppose. Here's a hint ... buying clothes is one of the best parts of Guitar Hero. There are some coooool boots...

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No need to panic yet... I'm LIMITING my time playing that silly game! I make myself watch the clock. My word for the year is BALANCE, so I have to start out right.

So ... on to ART. I carried my watercolor Moleskine with me today, hoping for a chance to stop and sketch while I drove from one building to another, but the weather wasn't at all cooperative, with dreary skies, drizzling rain and piles of fog. By afternoon it had even started to get cold and all I wanted to do was get home and exchange my shoes for fuzzy socks. Sigh. It's hot chocolate weather. So much for painting from the front seat of the car.

One of my "things" I've been working on is expanding my watercolor palette a little bit. I picked up a 33 well travel palette to experiment with for serious "expeditions" this year (including another trip to Canada!) which would allow me to add a few extra colors. There are many people who feel that using the least number of colors possible is best; I agree that it is easy to get carried away, but there are a LOT of good colors out there and it seems a shame to miss out on them. I've tried to keep it pretty pure, and well thought out...

So... here's the layout, with a few spaces left to spare for other colors that I haven't decided on yet. (New additions are noted in italics.) If anyone sees a "must have" color that I've missed, let me know! All are Winsor Newton unless noted otherwise.

Row 1: Indian Red; Light Red; Brown Madder
Row 2: Yellow Ochre; Raw Sienna; Quinacridone Gold
Row 3: New Gamboge; Winsor Orange; Cadmium Orange
Row 4: Aureolin; Winsor Yellow; Cadmium Yellow
Row 5: Rose Madder; Permanent Rose; empty
Row 6: Cadmium Red; Winsor Red; Perm Alizarin Crimson
Row 7: Holbein Mineral Violet; Winsor Violet; empty
Row 8: Cobalt Blue; French Ultramarine; Winsor Blue Red Shade
Row 9: Cerulean; empty; Winsor Blue Green Shade
Row 10: Viridian; Winsor Green; Maimeriblu Sap Green
Row 11: Burnt Sienna; Holbein Burnt Umber; empty

Colors that are in the running ... Venetian Red; Cobalt Turquoise; Manganese Blue Hue; Indathrene Blue; Hooker's Green; Payne's Grey; Quinacridone Magenta

... and that's as far as I've gotten in 2009. Hmmmph. Doug's watching Bowl games tonight, so maybe I'll get some drawing done on one of those big canvases...


Toni said...

Well you are doing better than me rock star. a wee bit of a grin here.
balance thank you i need that. Can you pass some my way?
Have fun this year Linda.

Teri C said...

Gee, how could you tear yourself away from being a rock star to get those colors together. I am proud of you!!

Angie in AZ said...

Hey Linda,
Thanks for the comments on my blog regarding my in progress tree trunk. Hey, if you e-mail me your address, I'll send you a swatch of watercolor paper with the light molding paste applied so you can see for yourself how it interacts with watercolor pigments.... that is, unless you have some! If you don't, let me send you a sample swatch and spend your money AFTER you fall in love! LOL! It's cool stuff to use for texture and the pigment absorbs to a point but, if you take a wet cloth after your paint has dried, you can rub and buff a little pigment back off revealing more light. You could, however, probably mix some tube pigment in with the molding paste before applying it as well. It's something to play with. Golden's makes so many cool products for texture and I think they are great for crossing over into watercolor for different affects. By the way, I'm using it on 140 lb. cold press paper with no additional support. The paper remains flexible after everything dries. It's interesting. Anyway, my e-mail address is: If you want a sample swatch, shoot me your snail mail addy.

Linda said...

Oh, isn't the internet a wonderful thing? Angie, I already went and picked some molding paste up, but THANK YOU so much for you very kind offer! Isn't that cool everybody?

Diahn said...

I think it is hilarious that your Lindor and my IcyD have the same hair. Just another one of those weird Linda-Diahn coincidences...

Okay - my word verification is "matie"

Aaaarrrgghhh, Matie - see if you can balance on this here plank...

janey said...

So that's what you look like. You dress up nice :D