Monday, November 02, 2009

Deserted Cafe

I used to just love the looks of this little cafe. When I passed it today, I stopped to photograph it for another project and saw that the door was partway open. There was enough light streaming in to see a little of the inside, and it looked a total wreck. I didn't get too close to the door! It just felt creepy.

I painted this last year
when it was still open, when it was colorful and lively and smelled like frying bacon and fresh coffee -- and now I'm very glad I did!


Melinda said...

I'm glad you painted it when it was alive, too...maybe it'll be lively again one day. Love the painting, by the way.

Diahn said...

Brilliant photo, Linda - the sepia really makes it look even more desolate and abandoned...nicely done!

And I love that painting, too - and I still think it should be up for sale somewhere...

caseytoussaint said...

I love your painting from last year, but I bet you could do some really interesting ones of the abandoned café too. In any case, the photo is awesome.

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