Friday, November 06, 2009


Life has come before art lately, so I was really happy today to have been able to actually SCHEDULE myself a solid hour this evening to work on a good sized watercolor that is very close to being done.

Of course, the very first thing that I had to do was move a few little things off of the drawing table, which has been used more for storage than art lately. The music was playing, the brushes were set up, the painting had been moved close ... very close ... and then ... and then ... sigh. And then I dropped two very big, soft, luscious pastels onto the hardwood floor.

Have you ever seen a glass EXPLODE when dropped onto a hard tile floor? Let me tell you -- lovely big, soft, luscious pastel dropped onto hardwood gives much the same effect, except with brilliantly colored dust rather than glass. Because they exploded so very close to all my watercolor supplies -- oh, no, let me clarify -- they exploded in the area BETWEEN me and my watercolor. It isn't like I could move the painting and then clean up -- oh NO -- I had to gently clean up in order to get to the painting, all the while fretting that turquoise and pink pastel, lovely and luscious that they may be, had gotten onto the gold and orange sections of my painting and ruined a fair amount of work.

And that took well over an hour to do. Sooo... no art tonight.

After that my sister and our friend Marcia came and made me go shopping with them, brutally forcing me to spend at least an hour trying on shoes. Oh the agony.
(hee hee hee)
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