Saturday, November 14, 2009


The Gulf of Mexico. The water into which I dropped my cell phone yesterday.

Electronics do not mix with salt water.

Blogging from Panera in Panama City Beach - no internet at the hotel. See you guys later!
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sarayutouched said...

sorry about your phone...but i think i see some shadows created by the waves!!

Teri C said...

My SIL did the same thing in Kauai. One of those 's--- happens'. Save the sim card though.

Now I know you are having fun.

annie said...

Sorry to hear about your phone. I am catching up and enjoying all your recent posts.

steviewren said...

Too bad about the phone. The water is a beautiful color.

Karen said...

Looks wonderful.
You might not have dropped your phone if you had invited your littlest sister.

janey said...

Isn't the Gulf Coast beautiful. Must more peaceful than my side of the state. Beautiful photo.