Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carrot Tops

Doodles of carrots in the "junk book," which I remembered to quickly check this time to be sure that no inappropriate language showed up. (sorry about that earlier ... I don't even see the words as words -- they're just background stuff to me here.)

I did these with a brush pen set and a couple of colored pencils. Not sure what I think about the brush pens -- they're okay for something like this but if there's any detail at all I imagine they would be kind of tough.

The carrots ended up in soup. I included the tops in the stock as it simmered and they added a surprisingly pungent and peppery taste that I WILL go for again!
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Melinda said...

I love art work on printed pages...the mixture of text and images and color makes me happy! And I have to say, I've never used the tops of the carrots for flavor...guess what I'm trying this weekend? :)

steviewren said...

I love the way you are repurposing this old book. Nice carrots too!

Chris said...

That is such a cool idea, drawing over text like that. Too bad that wasn't a vintage recipe book, that would be frame worthy. Then again, IMO, everything you do has been frame worthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE this Linda!

Cora said...

An awesome idea....and I love this one of the carrots!

Beautiful art!

vc said...

Great work! I have also been working on old book pages as background, I love the quality it gives to the work!