Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Artful Life

Guest blogger Joey V from Quotidian is posting here today. He and I started visiting each other's blogs initially because of a common word, I think -- now he enjoys visiting a lot of our "arty" blogs. Isn't life funny that way! Anyway, pay him a visit and say hi!

They say that life imitates art more than art imitates life, but I often wonder what that really means. I'm not sure if the mere _expression of one's thoughts and emotions constitutes "art". Rather, I think it implies a deliberate attempt to capture what is true and good and beautiful in man and in the natural world - through words, music, motion, and the fine arts . It also implies striving for excellence, because we can recognize such gradedness to perfection in what we sense, think, and do. And this extends to our conduct - how we work and play, how we interact with others, how we improve ourselves, how we deal with the quotidian curiosities that come our way.

We are all called to be citizen-artists! Posted by Picasa


Lin said...

Love this piece, Linda ....!

Teri C said...

Gosh Linda, so well said! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I love youre work. Since I can't belong to the artworkbooks group the painting charts really have helped since Im being self taught. And I thank you for passing this painting info to us who are not a member of this yahoo group. I will check youre blog and learn from youre hints and tips. Thank-you again Linda and have a wonderfulday,
Linda also hear :)

Linda said...

Oh dear, Lin and Teri and all -- I guess I didn't make it very clear that Joey is the one who wrote those wonderful words! So, Joey, the compliments are all yours! :-)

annie said...

Very well spoken, Joey. I like that term "citizen-artists".

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