Sunday, March 27, 2005


Janey of "Janeys Journey" (see the link to the right) and I have started a discussion about buying art supplies. This is a little WC sketch I did a couple of years ago using just Burnt Sienna and WN French Ultramarine. (Well, except for the obvious red and yellow triangles.) I keep it around to remind me to "Keep It Simple". The scan doesn't show the variety of colors, but gives the general idea. A lot can be done with just a few supplies! Posted by Hello


annieoddflower said...

Hi Linda! I learned the hard way in a color class, doing a color wheel, how many color varieties one can get from three colors. For me, the trick would be remembering which colors combined will make the color I want!

Jim said...

I recently purchased 9 new watercolors from Daniel Smith: anthraquinoid red, perylene red, indonathrone blue, french ultramarine blue, hanza yellow, carbazole violet, unersea green, sap green, and quinacridone burnt orange. I love them, and every sketch I've put on my blog are painted with them. I try to keep it a few at a time preferably two, maybe three, and I love the challenge of creating new colors from these.