Saturday, March 19, 2005

Star Magnolia

This star magnolia bush blooms early every spring, shortly after the crocus and just before the jonquils fill out. I cut a few pieces this morning to do some quick sketches, knowing that they will not last long in the house, even in water. The blue bottle looks quite wonky on this page -- I did it directly with watercolor, and had my sketchbook flat on the table. Really, it looked perfectly straight from my perspective at the time ... it gave me a huge laugh when I picked it up and saw all the weird angles. The bottle looks like IT is blowing in the March wind!

Having read a great hint about using an imaginary clock face for drawing roof angles on buildings on Richard Bell's site -- Wild West Yorkshire (see link to the right) -- I used the same principle on the petals of the flowers, and had the easiest time I've ever had drawing them. If only I had used the same technique for the bottle! Posted by Hello


LaureAnne said...

Linda, these magnolia sketches are beautiful!! I have a star magnolia as one of the focal points in my garden--- which is great the one in ten years the blossoms don't get blasted by cold (then they look like little dirty, ragged undershirts hanging from the branches.) Love the cobalt blue vase, too. Excellent page!

Laura F.

Robyn said...

Have you submitted this for this week's Illustration Friday? It certainly fits the prompt of 'Bloom'.

What a great piece of journal work. The blue in the bottle is great!

Scratches & Scribbles Journal

Nicolette said...

I LOVE these sketches...I must try some botanicals this summer...I have taken a ton of photos from my garden in hopes to do a journal, but have not gotten brave enough.
And the blue bottle - you really captured a beautiful shade of blue - I collect blue glass, so I love that image, tilted or not!

Thanks for the comments on my blog - yes I actually used to teach scrapbook lettering classes.

I will have to think of a list of books for you...