Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tuesday: Breckenridge

Monday we skied at Copper Mountain -- a small resort, but one of my favorites! There hadn't been snow in the area for about a week and a half. Still, the skiing was good.

Tuesday we went to Breckenridge and a snow storm came along with us. I sat it out for a bit while DH kept skiing. He (and several others in the bar where I waited, happily, I might add) reported near white out conditions up on the peaks for a short while. The news reported later that the upper part of the mountain got 6 inches of snow that day.
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Robyn said...

Your sketches of your journey are just wonderful. I wish that I could do such things. I tends to stick with a camera as all the detail in a landscpae scares me silly.

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LaureAnne said...

This is very, very nice. It must have been so gratifying building up the mass and volume of snow on trees and ground with your small marks. I imagine the contemplative state you must have been in as you drew. This is my favorite art to make, the contemplative kind, but I manage it too rarely.

Linda said...

Yes, Laura, it is very meditative to work with small lines and dots ... one loses oneself into the patterns!