Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday: Historic Georgetown, CO

Sunday drive from Colorado Springs to Frisco: We stopped at Historic Georgetown on the way, with the hopes of seeing some Bighorn Sheep. It is a quaint little Victorian mining town, full of buildings with false fronts and gingerbread, and little shops carrying imported "fancies" from Russia and Sweden. Posted by Hello


spiritual ingenue said...

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and skied all over those mountains- I love reading about home.

Looking forward to reading more of you. :)



Linda said...

Jan -- I'll be getting more about the trip posted in the next few days. How wonderful for you to have been raised in that area! It was initially a shock to me, as it always is, going there from the green Tennessee mountains to the winter browns and exposed stone sides of the Rockies, but after a day or so I adjust and see beauty at every turn. I didn't learn to ski until I was in my mid - late thirties, so my ski adventures are always a little clumsy and funny!