Sunday, March 13, 2005

Uncle Stan

We went to visit Uncle Stan in Colorado last week for a few days before and after our annual ski trip. He is one of the funniest people I know! He's tall and thin, and as long as I've known him has had long white hair and a white beard and moustache. Posted by Hello


Shelly McC said...

What a gorgeous Drawing. I would someday like to be able to capture my friends and family in this way. Uncle Stan looks like a lovely character.

Robyn said...

What a wonderful portrait, Linda! I really enjoy doing portraits but Iam very timid about using darks, as you have done here. In fact, I have trouble using darks in most things that I do. Please show us more.

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Nancy said...

It's a lovely portrait, so full of character. Portraits are the hardest things of all, and you've done this so convincingly -- did he pose, or did you work from a photograph?

Linda said...

I did this portrait from a candid photograph. If I have to sketch from a photo, I like to work it really fast, to try and catch the spontenaity that you get from life, though. I doubt he could have held that goofy pose long enough for me to do it live! He IS a lovely character -- and character is the right word!