Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 5 Starbucks

From the parking lot at Starbuck's this afternoon, still playing with the triad of cerulean blue, Indian red, and raw sienna. This wasn't where I'd originally intended to go after work for my quick sketch today, but the sun came out for a moment on the way home, and I detoured to some spots where I suspected I might find good shadows for Shadow Shot Sunday. The forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain all this week, and I had to grab the sun and shadow opportunity when it presented itself!

Now. I have to clear up a little mistake from yesterday. The book I referred to was "The Joy of Watercolor" ("...A Complete Course in Watercolor Using Your Sketchbook as a Workbook") by David Millard. The problem with art books is that I start out reading them and then, fairly quickly, get distracted by ... oooh ... the pictures! And in this wonderful book, clearly stated on page 8 -- yes PAGE 8! -- "Since carbon is soluble in watercolor to some degree, it can contribute rich darks in your washes in the form of a modest granular deposit." Hmmm. I'd say he pretty well DID TOO mention that the carbon pencils ran with a watercolor wash, don't you think? And on page 8 -- the saddest part is that pages 1 - 7 were title page and table of contents. Sigh. He basically said it on page ONE.
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Diahn said...

I like it. I like the muted color palette a lot more than I would have expected. Veddy nize.

And, get distracted by the pictures? That's just really kind of...ooohhh...pretty...

What was I saying?

Hey Harriet said...

That's beautiful! I'm now craving coffee. I'm always craving coffee ;) Can't wait to see your shadow shots on Sunday. We have rain predicted here for the remainder of the week, so I'm glad I found mine earlier this week too!

annie said...

I like it...watercolors can be kind of persnickety, no? One of the students at work gave me the name of a woman who teaches watercolor. Maybe one day I will see about taking a class.

Sandy said...

Like it too - thanks for the book info - I too get distracted by the pictures!! Sign of a good book if we like the results.