Monday, May 04, 2009

May 4

A rainy and dreary day in Knoxville today! I'd decided that today I would stop somewhere -- ANYWHERE -- on the way home and sketch for the Every Day in May challenge. When I realized that I'd forgotten a pencil (and I really wanted to try pencil with a watercolor wash because of yet another art book I'm reading) I just stopped and Jerry's on the way home and picked up a couple of pencils, then drove two parking lots over and sketched the nearest building. I'd recently read a recommendation that carbon pencils rather than graphite are much better for sketches, so I chose a 2B carbon for this sketch. Even though the author discusses using watercolor wash over the carbon EXTENSIVELY I didn't see where it was noted THAT THE CARBON WOULD SMEAR with the wash! Nice to know for the really dark passages. Might have been nice to know before the sky wash ... although, since it was pouring rain this might actually be pretty accurate. I'll blame the perspective on sketching in the rain while huddled over the steering wheel.

Plan for the rest of the week? Stop on the way home every afternoon after work and sketch, then do the watercolor washes later on.

Other plan for the rest of the week? I saw where Sandy was looking at playing with simple primary experiments, and thought that experimenting with triads was a great idea. This triad was cerulean blue, Indian red, and raw sienna. Lovely dull colors for a lovely dull day, don't you think?
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Diahn said...

Hey! I know this building! I LOVE the carbon pencil smudgy thing. It just screams rainy day! I'm going to have to try that, m'dear.

Sandy said...

Oh Linda, I am excited you are joining my simple triad experiments. and -What book are you referencing here(I can't possibly have enough books ;-) This building is fabulous, I always admire that watery loosness and stopping on the way home is something I should try too. -