Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Perfect Day

Really. There's nothing much else to say about that. I just hope you all had as wonderful weather as we did here today.

(P.S. And I'm painting tulips and cupcakes again today. Isn't that just the best combo ever? Life s good.)
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Teri C said...

We did.
It was.
Oh happy day!

Laureline said...

I've been going through my Bloglines blogs this morning and finding a worldwide eruption of springy happiness, including yours! Jana, Casey, Ronell---it's wonderful to see!

Diahn said...

Oh yes - it was! I sat on the deck and soaked in some Vitamin D and drew in my sketchbook and life is GOOD!

***can't wait to see those tulips and cupcakes!***

julie king said...

those yellow poppies are so sunny and bright. my first visit to your blog from stevie wren's. so bright and cheerful!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for spring to arrive in full!

Ascender Rises Above said...

Hi Linda, I've been looking to see if some of my original first commentors are still blogging and ran across your comment. That cupcake below is a lovely piece of work. Tasty.