Monday, March 02, 2009

A Glimmer of Light

Out in the back yard, cloudy and cold, I spot a glimmer of white and realize that the daffs are pushing up already. There hasn't been anything happening out in the yard for some time, but now spring is here, and we know that there will be more and more things happening until the yard is back into full swing again.

Nice metaphor, huh?

Sorry I've been absent. I've been literally twice as busy as normal with work for the past eight or nine months, and it just got busier at the beginning of the year. By the first week of February I'd wrapped up a lot of stuff, and life is now getting back to what used to be the norm. Quite frankly, for the last two or three weeks I've spent my evenings resting and getting my non-work life caught back up! But now the balance is coming back and it's all good. Thanks for all the inquiries about where the heck I'd disappeared to, and, believe it or not, I'll probably see you again sometime this week.

(P.S. And busy was FUN -- I've had a GREAT time! If you read this, Cindy, Nikki, Michael, Shannon -- extra thanks to you guys for picking up the slack ... Dennis, Kari, Renee, Allison, Steven, Rachel, Sole, Julie, Stephanie, Leslie, Anita, Christy, Maggie, Andrea, Amber, and Bill ... you all rock! I'm very happy to be part of such a great team!)
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Teri C said...

WELCOME BACK!! I missed you and it is so good to see this refreshing springy flower from you!!!

Glad to hear life is getting back to normal.

steviewren said...

Hello Stranger! Nice to see in the neighborhood again!

Lin said...

SO GLAD you're back! Wonderful sketch, too, Linda. Busy, yes, it seems less of us are doing more and more -- intense times...

annie said...

I'm glad you are back, glad things are moving back into balance for you!

Diahn said...

Yay! Linda's here! I miss you! Lovely daffs - sign of good things to come, no doubt!