Monday, December 08, 2008

Dear World

Dear World,

I'm back from my week with no Internet access just in time to take 5 minutes to post and then run out of town for a couple of days. The problem WAS the modem and it took him less than ten minutes to get a new one out of the truck, replace the old one, and check that things were up and running. HOW WONDERFUL is THAT!!! It's been a busy week, and I spent the weekend in Kentucky visiting my sister, so will tell more about that when I return.

Meanwhile, while I'm gone, I will have the chance to look at some of YOUR stuff, just not the chance to post anything myself. See you soon.

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Toni said...

yea for the new modem and have a safe trip to your sister's house.

Teri C said...

Well thank goodness you are up and running!!! I missed you and your wonderful art.

Have a fun visit. Maybe even do some art?

lindaschiffer said...

have fun in KY! That's my home state. ;)


PS Thank you for the beautiful art to look at. :)

Diahn said...

I've missed you so much!!!! So glad they were able to fix your connection up easily.

Wonderful berries - great color!

Paloma Chaffinch said...

What wonderful berries. I adore anything red and these are just beautiful. So glad I decided to click on your feed!

annie said...

Glad you're back!! I like the red berries too.

Lin said...

HAVE FUN!!! SAFE JOURNEY!! LOVE the berries!