Monday, January 08, 2007

Tassle and Candy

Object 3: An "elephant tassle" that I got this weekend on clearance while in Florida visiting my wonderful daughter. (It was on sale for $3.95 after tax -- I just love it.)
Object 4: (?) Strawberry candies scattered on the table.
(The technical bit -- done with 005 Micron and colored 01 Staedtler pens in Moleskine.)


Laura said...

Yipppee!! This, as I've said before and will say again, is going to be so much fun! What a great spread and what a robust and lively artichoke painting below! Good on ya, girl!

Bonny said...

Linda, what a neat drawing of the elephant tassl. I love tassels, too! Strawberry candies are another favourite, but I'm trying to cut down on I won't go there. Great drawings on both subjects!

janey said...

Pink elephant? When you look at the image large you can see the really neat details. The tassle is very celtic but I really like the shadows on the candy.

Claudia said...

Nice job!-And I like the horse drawing, above, too!

Susan said...

Linda's got a plan! Hurrah for you, you talent laden creature you! I just love that some people are ready to commit to creating art. Thank-you! I am sOo looking forward to this.
PS what you've shown so far is delightful. Love the elephant tassle (and the deal) and your artichoke is amazing.

Linda said...

Thanks you guys! I'm only just now realizing that I could technically count this as the EDM "draw something sweet" challenge. (It feels good to mark something off of the list, doesn't it -- even if it is by sheer accident!)