Sunday, January 14, 2007

Holiday Inn Sunspree

Even though it was a chilly, overcast, and wintery weekend, I totally forgot to tell about our wonderful stay last weekend in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, and the staff was just fantastic. We had a hard time finding the hotel (since we were busy chattering and not watching), and when we called for better directions, one of the staff members actually came out to the end of the drive to cheerfully wave us in. All the staff were just as cheerful, and the place was clean and well maintained. I was also impressed at how the dunes behind the hotel were the only ones on this section of beach that had been built back up to a good height and well planted to reduce erosion.
If you are planning an off-season trip to the area, I recommend giving this place a try!

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annie said...

Call me weird and dreary, but I LIKE going to sunshiny beach places when the weather is chilly, overcast, and wintery!