Monday, January 15, 2007

Questions and Caveats

Special thanks to R.Chunn, whose still life paintings are one of the special inspirations for the 500 Object Project.

Laura and Mereth both asked if the bottles in the earlier post counted as one object or three, in my quest for 500 objects. (Did I REALLY say FIVE HUNDRED?) I'd already worked out the "rules" for this very event ...

The bottles, being three entirely different types, count as three separate objects (#7, #8, and #9), even though I obviously drew them at the same time.
(By the way, I'll also clarify that I never promised the drawings would be GOOD drawings, either; this was one of those times that I made myself sit down and draw, with gritted teeth and some unrepeatable muttering!)

The candies, however, are identical objects, so they only count as one, even though there are three of them.

The final caveat, though, is that when an object gets re-drawn (as the Buddha surely will be), it STILL only gets to count as one. (!!!WHAT!!!) Yep. Not being at all hung up on any idea that it will only take a year to draw all 500, there are a lot of things that I'll probably draw over and over again. The good thing about this plan is that if I then work the objects all into an actual still life painting, I get to name it something really artsy and obscure, like "Objects 3, 18, and 32 with White Linen" -- which also solves the whole "what the heck do you name this painting" dilemma. (Personally I thought the idea was brilliant until just now, when I'm suddenly feeling a bit iffy ...)

Did I miss anything? And what was I thinking?!?


Diahn said...

what were you thinking? that you're brilliant, obviously! So well thought out...

mrana said...

Love the drawings. The candies look good enough to eat and I like the way you position your objects on the page. Very cool work.

janey said...

Ok and how long did it take for you to think this up? I had to read it three times (but then I still have a cold). So, let me get this straight. You're counting the objects and not the drawings/paintings? Well then 500 becomes a managable goal (I really don't like word) which is actually a great idea. When it gets down to the crunch you could start to do 20 objects per page and then they would realy add up. But I think you should count 3 of the same objects separately since nothing is every the same.

Emma Pod said...

Beautiful work! I especially love the Buddha - you've used such nice watercolor washes. What size moleskin sketchbook do you use? I'm just curious about the actual sizes.

Linda said...

Thank you, diahn and mrana!
Janey -- it didn't take very long to think up my plan, actually. (sigh) I just have a complex mind.
Nice to see you Emma! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon! (although I'd better post something new in order for that to happen ... and everybody, go see Emma's snow!) I use the larger of the two Moleskine sketchbooks, roughly, what, 5"x8", I guess.(?) They are smaller than the Cahiers, and the paper is a creamy manilla index or tag stock paper that is great for pen. It initially repels the watercolor, which can be kind of fun if your just roll with it!

Anonymous said...

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