Saturday, July 30, 2005

Glassware: EDMWC

Attempting to paint glassware for the Everyday Matters weekly challenge. I obviously need to do more work! It seemed like a good exercise to work on mixing greys for the clear glass, although scan seemed to separate the colors so that the "stuff" on the left side of the top glass turned out blue. I haven't a clue what that is all about. I'm also taking this scan as a lesson on a way to check for mistakes -- the inward WOBBLE on the right side of the wine glass was not at all obvious to me when I looked at the page -- on the scan it jumps out at me like crazy! I shall try to correct it, but am really tickled to see that the scanner is such a good composition, etc tool. The light also kept changing, which made the reflections, highlights, and shadows change -- perhaps glassware is best done from a photograph or under artificial light. I refuse to move further away from the window though, so there!

I'll admit, also, that my heart just isn't into this challenge since my mind is still focused on fruit. Peaches and cantaloupe are calling my name still, as are the sunflowers DH brought home from the grocery store last night. Serious study of glassware will just have to wait.

Best glassware I've seen so far from the EDM challenges just HAS to be Laura's at Laurelines, both her stuff for the challenge itself and her post a few days earlier about her gourmet husband's breakfast cooking. I keep asking her if I can borrow her DH one weekend for Sunday brunch, but she refuses. I guess I'll have to keep living vicariously through her blog!

Meanwhile - other stuff from the week:
We got to spend last weekend on the boat - Just Loverly - and I haven't drawn much since the rest of the week was spent catching up on neglected chores.

A friend and I were talking the other day about our southern phrases, and we were joking about how in the south you can say anything, no matter how terrible, about someone, and then finish the slam with "bless her heart", which makes it all okay. That's a long standing joke about southerners, but it is really and truly true! The phrase is sometimes used to imply deep sarcasm.

The coffee maker blew up the other day, and at the big electronics / appliance store we saw a refrigerator with flat screen TV in the door. Yes. You read it right. In the door of the refrigerator. This means that you don't even have to get up during commercials to get a snack. For some reason, this just blows my mind still.

I reckon some people probably feel like they NEED a refrigerator with a TV build into the door, bless their hearts.

New CD for this month: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole "Facing Future" It's a fun summertime listen -- wa-a-a-y mellow!
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Laura said...

Sweet Linda! Gosh, I like your drawing and if you check out Morandi or Cezanne, for example, you'll see their bottles and glasses are always off. So there! Hey, I sent you something and forgot to put a card in it, so you'll be getting something in a few days and just know it is from me with love!
PS Thanks for the very lovely compliment. ( I don't like my blue glass drawing, though. Ain't it always the way.)

annie said...

I like the glassware, and the fruit drawings!

How true it is about how veratile the phrase "bless her heart" can be!

deboraht said...

I think this looks great. And I like your story about "bless her heart".


evy said...

Great drawing!. I love the colors you used and I think the way you put the elements on the page is very nice. Well done!

Kathleen Marie said...

Linda, well, bless your heart! Attempting glass just aint easy girl. And of course the scanner had to go and mess up your perfectly alligned drawing. :) I think you did a fantabulous job. Heck, I didn't even do my glass challenge yet, so you're definitely better off than myself. So, bless my heart, for I'm doing a southern crawl behind all of you guys that have already finished this assighment. ha ha

Cin said...

A difficult subject and one that I'd like to explore further also. I'd love to see a closer view of this, I love to see the beautiful markings of watercolors. And I agree, Laura's glassware is superb !

Personalized Glassware said...

Awesome drawing. I really like the design and the color you pick and the way you put some elements on this page. Great job!