Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dunes Experiment

Experimenting with lessons from Jeanne Dobie's book, Making Color Sing.

I read this book about 20 years ago, I guess when it first came out, and remember it being one of the most instructive watercolor books I'd ever seen. The other day, I checked it out from the library again, and, after re-reading the whole thing, decided to go through the lessons with a watercolor pad one at a time.

At the beginning of the book she really emphasizes using transparent non-staining pigment (aureolin, rose madder genuine, cobalt blue, and viridian). I tried doing this in pretty much those colors alone, but have had trouble in that the underlying layers of paint lift off anytime I try to darken any of the passages. The horrible blue on the side of the little building was supposed to be a nice cool grey glaze, but it kept coming out whatever color I glazed on top. I never could get the grasses on the dunes right, and finally, in utter disgust, mixed in a little quin gold. I won't say this is the worst watercolor sketch I've ever done, just the worst I've ever let anyone see. My question is, what is the point of glazing with non-staining pigments if you aren't planning on lifting off, and how in the world do you keep it from lifting off when you work the subsequent passages???

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Anonymous said...

You won't get any help from me on watercolor questions. But, I do love this sketch. It reminds of laying on the beach, just spaced out with the heat and I seeing everything through a haze. It's a great feeling and it's what I feel looking at this. If art is supposed to get a response from the viewer, then I guess this one sure succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Well, I quite like it.......sorry it involved so much frustration.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I always feel I'm really making progress when the frustration quotient is high---the old 'darkest hour before the dawn' thing. I'm an oddball watercolor painter so I can't help you, I'm afraid---but I see some good things in this sketch and I'm confident you'll tough it out and get where you want to be soon.

Anonymous said...

There is no right or wrong! just keep experimenting until you find your style!

Oh, and while you're look'n, i'm loven' what i'm see'n!!!