Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Clothing: EDMWC

Catching up on old Everyday Matters challenges. This one was to draw an item of clothing. My blue jeans were lying on the table, folded, just out of the dryer -- what better item of clothing to draw! Posted by Picasa


Karen Winters said...

Great looking folds. That is something I am still working on learning how to draw. I really like the subtle feeling of this quiet still life.

Robyn said...

Fabulous folds! I am paralysed by the thought of trying to draw folds so I am in awe of your skill.

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pedalpower said...

Wow, this is nice. Is it pencil?

Terri said...

You really handled the folds very well. I'm impressed!

Linda said...

Yes -- it is done in pencil. I used to find folds scary, but once I got started doing them they became like a meditation or an idle doodle -- very relaxing with pencil. Not so relaxing with watercolor ... :-)