Sunday, May 29, 2005


This is my favorite gardening tool. It digs, hoes, loosens dirt, chops, transplants ... you name it! If we have one rule in this house regarding tools, it is that DH keeps his hands off this one - it's MINE! :-) Posted by Hello


Laura said...

I can tell you mean business, too! This is drawn with seriousness and pride of ownership ;D.
Fun to see people's different styles, isn't it?

Jim said...

Linda, I have one of those! And you're right, it can do almost anything. I really like your drawing. There's a subtle perspective and you've captured it nicely. Way to go!!

Karen Winters said...

Oh YEAH ... I have one of those and it is my pride and joy. It broke my heart when the handle broke once ... but I got another one right away. Easily it is THE most important tool in my garden kit.

Terri said...

Linda you did a brilliant job with this! It looks terrific...and very handy too I might add.

lianne said...

nice work with the tool, linda! simple yet interesting :)

Big Harry H said...

VERY NICE!!! I must have one!!!

I just love your piece... can't wait to see more!

Big Harry =)

Nicolette said...

Great job on the tool - I love the shading on your sketch...awesome!

Anonymous said...

hi linda -thank you so much for your note on my blog on microwaves, it is so funny since I received mine after children came to the scene, too!
imagine i went 30 yrs. without, ???

your hammer, plant, trees and azaela are just amazing! drawing is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I think this great, I like the subtle rendering - shows really good technique.